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I am just a girl who Loves Toyota's and I have driven them all of my life! After talking with my dad one day, we decided to purchase ducks and share the Yota Love! My goal is to spread the Yota Love all over and as far as possible! 

Last year, my daughter Henley was diagnosed with PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) and I had to take her out of school. Her anxiety took over and she became depressed. So I encouraged her to take over and she now tags and packages all of our duck orders! This keeps her busy and makes her smile! So help us reach our goal to share Yota Love all over the world! 

I have put together tags that I created, and will soon create more options with different sayings. You can purchase ducks with tags ready to go, so you can start ducking Yotas immediately! Encourage others to tag themselves on my Instagram Ducking_Yotas page by using the QR code located on the tags! I also have a FB page that you can share your Yotas and mods on!

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My name is Jessi and with my Dad, Larry, we came up with the idea of Ducking Yotas using Yota Rubber Ducks with creative tags to share all over and help make people smile! We both live in Florida and have Toyotas! I drive a TRD PRO Sequoia and my Dad drives a SR5 4Runner. We love to modify our trucks and go off-roading when we can!

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